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What's a free consultation?

It’s a no pressure, no cost opportunity to come into the office (or meet via video) where you can ask questions and we chat about what’s going on while giving you a chance to get a sense of whether or not you think you’d feel comfortable working together.

Can you prescribe medication?

Nope.  That’s a psychiatrist.

Do you have to be “crazy” to see a psychologist?

Seeing a psychologist does not mean that you are “crazy.” A psychologist is trained to help people through talk therapy, research, diagnosis, experiments, and testing. See this article for more information on what a practicing psychologists does.

What “assessment tests” does a psychologist administer?

The simple answer is it depends. There are many kinds of assessments and they can be used in a number of ways.  If you’re being told you need a psychological evaluation then give us a call and we’ll explain the process based on your specific situation. 

Does the Somadome emit radiation?

No, the Somadome does not emit radiation, in fact, it blocks harmful EMF’s found in our environment. Refer to this list on the Somadome website to read more frequently asked questions.

If I am claustrophobic, will I be able to use the Somadome?

No one reports feeling closed in once inside. The dome shape, circulation via a fan, and ability to open the dome at any time during the session does not allow one to feel “trapped” or “enclosed.” For a personal anecdote of someone’s experience you can read this article for more information.

Do psychologists read minds?

Well, I don’t because I wasn’t invited to attend Hogwarts.  So maybe some do?

Do you take my insurance?

I am an “out of network” provider. The client is responsible for making payments to me but depending on your benefits, you may be able to get reimbursed from your insurance provider.  I don’t work for your insurance provider (then I would be in-network) but happy to work with your insurance provider to get you reimbursed (jump through hoops, red tape, etc…).  

Is there free parking?

Sorta.  After 5 (I believe) all street parking is free.  There are areas around the office where parking is free (a couple blocks away) but during business hours it’s all metered parking.