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Our Mission

The Mind & More seeks to optimize the way people pursue holistic health by creating an individualized plan for each client that is diverse, accessible, and helps them achieve their version of wellness. By integrating several areas of theory and research, our approach is more well-rounded and inclusive than traditional wellness practices.

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Pursuing Health as a Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle requires collaborative attention and we believe that being part of a caring community is essential. Pursuing or seeking wellness does not suggest something is broken or needs fixing. It simply means that someone is actively pursuing health but the struggle can include where to begin and in a world saturated with misleading information, defining an individual’s health if often overwhelming.

Reducing Stressors to Grow

We believe the key to personal growth is learning to reduce the affects of everyday stressors by focusing on the healthiest version of one’s self. We help our clients achieve this by addressing their psychological, emotional, and physical needs.

Valuing Your Journey

The Mind & More desires to reduce the stigma around what is currently seen as unhealthy—seeking wellness does not mean you’re crazy. We value every person no matter where they are in their wellness journey.